Alien Lit Thermogenic Fat Burner


Alien Lit Thermogenic Fat Burner


Alien’s Lit is a thermogenic product like no other. Dosed up with all the ingredients you need to see plus some you’ve probably never heard of! Designed for a long lasting and enjoyable hit of energy Lit is a must have is your supplement stack.

Its currently avalibile is 3 amazing flavours; Lemon popsicle, Mango Sunrise and Candy Crush!

Key Ingredients

  • Grains of Paradise – Studies have indicated Grains of Paradise could have positive benefits of blood sugar regulation and an increase in Caloric expenditure
  • Caffeine – 225mg – Caffeine is an effective central nervous system stimulant which increases both physical and mental activity which could lead to higher caloric expenditure.
  • Dynamine – 50mg – Dynamine is a fast-acting stimulant which studies have indicated it may have minimal effect on both blood pressure and heart rate.
  • NeuroFactor – 50mg – Neurofactor is derived from the coffee arabica plant and is shown to increase neuroprotein BDNF which is a key for memory and learning.
  • Zynamite 100mg – Zynamite is mango leaf extract which has an 8 hour half life meaning no brutal crash like other thermo products!!

Key Benefits

Alien Lit contains the perfect balance of ingredients which will keep you charged and feeling great for hours. It is the perfect addition to a supplement stack of anyone who is cutting back some of that unwanted body fat and is looking for an ongoing boost throughout the day.

Choose a Flavour

Lemon Popsicle, Candy Crush, Mango Sunrise

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