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Welcome to Mayhem Supplements Ltd your number one source for all your Supplement needs. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best range of all the best products with a focus on quality, dependability and customer service. Out of lockdown, we became Wanganui’s first dedicated sports and health supplement shop, opening our doors to the community, giving the people what they wanted, what they had been asking for, and it all started from there.

“Mayhem Supplements Ltd was founded by Husband and Wife team Wayne and Rae Tweeddale during a time when the country and world was in lockdown, we saw the importance of health and fitness, something we felt strongly about, from there we turned a negative event into a time for positive change.”


-Wayne and Rae

With a growing range of dependable health and sports supplements and quality apparel and merchandise, mayhemsupplements.co.nz is the one-stop shop for all your fitness needs.


-Team Mayhem

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Today we are still focused on our customer’s needs, having launched the Mayhem Supplements clothing range that fits all and giving instore consults for those looking for advice with their regime, helping real people reach their goals. But we cant stop there !!! So Mayhem Supplements is now online, to reach more people, and help more people get to wherever their goal may be.

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